Broadcasting and Video

Whilst at Imperial College I discovered the exciting world of Broadcast Media. As well as the student news website, Live!, I was involved in productions for both stoic tv (now ICTV) and IC Radio. Below you will find a selection of the projects that I have worked on.

For audio editing I usually use Audacity, whilst for video editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro – both of which I am mildly competent with.

Vacuous Presenter Types

I made several appearances on comedy radio show “Vacuous Presenter Types” (or “VPT”, for short), broadcast live on IC Radio. The show saw regular host Matt Cunningham pit his guests against each other in a variety of games and quizzes, as well as regular sections in which the presenters would put a comic slant on current affairs. There were even sketches and a long-running mini-series called “Star Wreck”.

An archive of episodes is available at the IC Radio website.

ArtsFest Finale Concert

The ArtsFest Finale concert of 2009 was captured on film in a joint collaboration between Live! and stoic. The entire concert was streamed over the internet using three cameras, a laptop and a mixing desk. The live feed was later polished-up and made into a full DVD, a preview of which can be seen below.

The Great Egg Race

A small group of us made a documentary about The Great Egg Race in 2009. This documentary, published by stoic, was submitted to the National Student Television Awards (the NaSTAs) where it was shortlisted in its category.

The Great Egg Race was an annual competition organised by The City & Guilds College Union, where teams were invited to build an aeroplane-like device out of paper, wood, card, glue and sticky tape. This vehicle must safely transport an egg the furthest possible distance from the Queen’s Tower at Imperial College London.

A shorter version of the video can be viewed on YouTube.

The Bottle Match

The Bottle Match is an annual varsity match between Imperial College’s Royal School of Mines and Cornwall’s Cambourne School of Mines. The varsity day contains many sports, however the “bottle” trophy is defended (or won) via a game of rugby. The Bottle Match is the second oldest rugby varsity match in the world.

New Rector Visits Imperial College Union

Produced for stoic tv and published on Live!, this video documents a guided tour of Imperial College Union. The tour was for a special guest – Imperial College London’s new rector, Sir Keith O’Nions, who was visiting the building for the first time.

This video is currently unavailable.

Humanities Protest

Live! caught a rare protest on film: Imperial College students are usually rather apathetic when it comes to demonstrations! It transpired that quite a lot of students didn’t agree with college’s decision to cut the humanities department by 60%, resulting in the loss of many language courses.

Concerning League Tables

“Concerning League Tables” was a three part series in which Kirsty Patterson interviewed various members of the college community, asking them whether or not they thought it was important that Imperial College topped league tables. The features came after Imperial’s ranking in the Guardian league tables dropped.

I filmed all three interviews and played a part in their editing, too. Those interviewed were:

  • Paddy Jackman, Head of Commercial Services for Imperial College
  • Julia Buckingham, Pro Rector (Education) for Imperial College
  • Hannah Theodorou, Deputy President (Education & Welfare) for Imperial College Union

Other Projects

I also undertook other projects, although some of these were later shelved.

They include:

  • Voting reform protest and filming within Downing Street in May 2010.
  • Polo in the Park: the world Polo championships in Central London.